More money?

A conscious relationship? 

A new home? 


 Whatever it is you’re currently wishing for … if you don’t understand the skills of manifestation it will remain a wish and you will stay separate from your Highest Potential. 


See, manifestation isn’t about getting what you want. It’s about BEING the energetic embodiment of your desired state and receiving all the beautiful gifts that are in alignment with who you Are.


And the ONLY thing in your way of BEING A MAGNET are the energies (aka: emotions) you’ve been resisting, avoiding or reacting to. You’re here because you KNOW it’s time to do this differently. 


You’re ready to learn the SKILL of emotional healing so that you can deepen into the infinite wisdom available to you and transform your frequency into the highest vibrational experience you can. 


This is where your Spirit and your Human work together to heal, transmute and transcend contracting energy, limiting beliefs and misaligned action so that you can step into the Life + have the Impact you’ve always imagined.

Tell me more!

Recalibrate Your Mind and Body

See Endless Possibilities For Yourself

Experience Unwavering Trust

Effortlessly Move Through Blocks

During this 6 week experience you'll be guided into your subconscious mind to explore the emotions that are keeping you from fully embodying your Desires.

You'll understand WHY these energies are there and how to support them in transformation and healing.

And what they become is the exact frequency of your Desires.

This is beyond an experience. This is guided practice developing a powerful skill. One that will open you up to exactly what you want

Exchange: $1000 

Full Body YES!
  • You know you're here to have an impact 
  • You've explored your emotions and want to do deeper - and exploring the subconscious excites you.
  • You feel safe to explore these emotions and are open to what comes through
  • You're ready to go bigger in your life, but feel stuck - and are OVER IT.
  • You don't identify as someone who positively impacts others
  • You have unresolved trauma. Meaning there's an experience in the past that hasn't been explored.
  • The thought of exploring these emotions terrifies you (beyond discomfort and resistance)
  • You aren't able to see into the future or know what feels good there.

"Emotions are not easy to navigate, but Sarah has a way to hold space that feels so supportive and nurturing. If you're ready to release and heal, this program will be a game changer for you."

Patricia Cimino | Certified Life Coach for Mid Life Women


"This work will truly change your life in the most beautiful, challenging yet magical way. This is a next level soul adventure.”

- Michelle Reinhardt | Weight Loss Coach



"Pay attention to the little something that is suggesting working with Sarah- pay attention to the inner voice because she (you) has wisdom - and Sarah will help you listen to more of what she (you) has to say!"

- Michelle A Bourque | Life Coach


LIVE Weekly Coaching Calls

  • Weekly LIVE teaching with Sarah
  • BONUS guest emotional processing calls   
  • BONUS guest teaching calls 

Online Classroom

  • Powerful audio journeys. Pop in your earbuds and relax into the work!
  • Integrative Journal Prompts

Supportive Facebook Group

  • Connect with the other amazing people in this program
  • Give and receive support
  • Ask Sarah questions + receive powerful guidance 


Next round: June 13th, 2022

Exchange: $1000 


This is an invitation for powerful subconscious transformation through the very EMOTIONS you've been avoiding, resisting or reacting to.

This process opens you up to YOUR DESIRES and the energy you get to ACCESS so that you can RECIEVE EXACTLY what you desire most.  


I'm ready!

What's Included:

  • 6 weeks of content
  • LIVE weekly coaching calls
  • Extra support calls
  • Online classroom
  • Supportive Facebook group
  • Meditations and worksheets
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"These are tools and techniques that you will use for your life. Having access to this process will give you a much richer life's journey."

- Mimi Bishop | Expert Sales Copywriter



"I knew the program was working for me when I saw how my emotions, even the ones I'd resisted, were my superpower."

- Michelle M. | Feminist Coach 




"You have everything to gain in deepening your understanding of and connection to yourself, and the only thing you have to lose is the erroneous belief that you either can or should "thought work" your way out of any discomfort. "

- Karen Rudd | Life Coach

Sarah Trapkus is a Life Coach and Spiritual Guide who helps coaches uplevel their life + business by showing them how to powerfully align to the energy of their desires.


Her clients experience more ease, flow and magic as they learn how to access their intuition, share their truth and step into their genius and help their own clients heal and uplevel.


Sarah’s background includes Shamanism, Somatic Therapies, Energy Psychology, Plant Medicine and Coaching.  Through her signature process of emotional healing she works with coaches at every stage of their business so they can up-level their lives and businesses through embodied energetics and emotional healing.

I am ready