Awakening the Highest Vibrational Frequency of the Human Spirit

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Hi Beautiful Soul,


I'm a Spiritual Life Coach and Guide. I bring paradigm shifts through me + to everyone who chooses to walk this path with me. 


For decades I lived life in avoidance of myself. I used alcohol + drugs, stayed in unhealthy relationships and ran my businesses from a place of insufficiency and lack. A few years ago I finally decided to face it all head on and find myself.

Today I embody the energy of my desires and experience an abundance of Love, Peace and Magic in my life. 

I did this by learning how to FEEL.

This brought me back into my body, connected me to infinite wisdom and reminded me of why I'm here: to help others do this too.

This intention is at the Heart of everything I create, offer + do. 

“I just freakin’ love you.  Thank you, Sarah. Biggest take away:  slow down and surrender. There is so much power in this. Mind blown.”


“I don’t know what sorcery this is …  it’s incredible.”






This isn’t your average podcast - this is an experience. In each and every episode, your host and guide Sarah Trapkus is inviting you deeper into and through your body and mind so you can access divine truth, infinite possibility and an expanded understanding of Self



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