Beautiful Soul! We have stepped into the wild, powerful time of
Collective Spiritual Awakening.
There is an upsurge of energy and things seem to be moving faster and going deeper as the lessons, wisdom and opportunities just ... keep coming. 
You may be feeling pulled to step into your Purpose + Genius and at at the same time  aware of a burdensome weight that apparently you've been carrying ... forever?

I understand + I’m here to support you.

Signs you're in a Spiritual Awakening:
  • You feel a deeper purpose emerging, aliveness surging and creativity brewing. ¬†You know it's time to step in but your old patterns and identity are holding on making this new way feel ...elusive and challenging to access.
  • The emotions you used to avoid or resist are getting louder and you're ready to face them head on - but you're scared of what this will open up.¬†
  • You're sick and tired of the outdated structures and systems you were born into and may still have embedded in your body + life. You're ready to¬†unravel them and create something new ... ¬†but can't seem to figure out how.¬†
  • You have insights, wisdom and experience that is ready to be shared fully,¬†but you're scared people will think you're crazy and ... staying silent is making YOU crazy. ¬†
  • Your Heart is opening and this expansion feels both powerful + vulnerable. You want to be unleashed, but¬†are afraid of what will be burned down. So you keep tolerating less than what you truly desire ... the mediocrity is killing you.¬†

If you identify with any of this I want you to know what you're experiencing is actually very exciting. You're in the right place, Love. I'm going to help you move forward, fully.

I’ll guide you past your conscious mind and into your body and your subconscious, where divine knowledge and truth reside. I believe you are a powerful energy worker and have access to infinite wisdom and powerful healing when you’re willing to enter places that are unseen, immeasurable, and non-linear. 

What I do with you is actually the new way you get to relate to yourself and the world around you. You're made for this. 

I'll bring my sharp intuitive skills and healing gifts to this call. If you’re ready and open to receive this work then this is what you can expect in this 60-minute call:


Your Desire


I want to hear what your Heart TRULY wants now. You’re invited to express this in a safe, supportive space.
I’m Listening.


The Resistance


As you express in a new way, you may experience a contraction.
Let’s find out why. This is our doorway.


The Reclamation


The resistance is showing us what needs attention now.
Let’s get curious knowing this is where the breakthrough is.


Your Destiny Revealed


With the integration of previously unconscious knowledge - new + potent clarity emerges.
Let’s see what stepping into greater possibilities looks like.

This is a FREE call intended to help you understand what’s happening for you at this powerful time in our collective Human Experience. You will tap into the potential of who you're ready to be, how you're ready to create and the impact this will have on your life + every one around you.


Regardless if we continue to work together in a Client | Coach Relationship - I will show you what you can do to integrate what comes up on the call into your life.

If we both feel working together is the next best step, we can explore what this looks like.

Thank you for this opportunity to tap into your energy and see greater possibilities with you. It is truly an honor and blessing for me in my life. 

Step In Now