$995.00 USD

Group Coaching - Transformational Manifestation

Live Round: September 25 - November 3

Calls are every Tuesdays at 9 am pst. Calls are recorded and uploaded to the portal within 24 hours.

I thought I was only going to offer this as a self study course … and no longer do the live coaching, but my heart has other plans. In actuality - what I AM here for is community, connection, healing and sharing. I WANT to coach in this program - at least right now. It feels aligned to offer this still.

So in addition to lifetime access to the content you get 6 weeks of group coaching calls with me. I make plenty of time on these calls so that anyone and everyone who wants coaching gets it.


You know emotions are important.  But do you know HOW they’re important?

If you don’t have the skill of meeting emotions on the energetic level you will never get to the root of the emotion. 

And it’s at the root where you connect with emotion and understand the purpose it holds and the potential it has.

And that’s why for all the thought work you do… you only get so far.

There is an intelligence beyond your mind that’s tucked away in the exact emotions you’re convinced you don’t have time for.

Accessing the INTELLIGENCE OF YOUR EMOTIONS is what takes you to the next level in your life.

And the HOW of emotion is the skill of transforming the energies that are keeping you stuck into the energies that will set you apart

Feeling NOW what you expect to feel when you’re living at the next level is how you get to the next level. 

This is how the law of attraction works. 

You get it - But do you embody it?  

We do this in Transformational Manifestation.

We get up close and personal with the exact emotions you’re ready to move through so that you can shift into the next level. 

As a result of the six-week Experience, you’ll learn how to: 

  • Identify what you TRULY DESIRE by accessing the Wisdom of your Heart and opening up to the bigger why for your life + impact.
  • Step into the knowing that what you Desire is 100% possible by meeting and shifting what's in the way.
  • Experience a level of inner trust and intuitive guidance so that you can take the next perfect step... every time.
  • Take clean action from clear energy, which IS how you get the results you want - with ease and grace 

This is a Masterclass in Embodied Energetics.

You’ll learn my signature 5-step process for identifying, healing and transforming emotion at the root, which will prepare you to use it with your own clients, loved ones and community. 

This is what Stephanie had to say about the Experience:

“Before this Experience I had some awareness of my emotions. Meaning I knew how to feel them without getting lost in them or attached to them. But this experience taught me how to access the WISDOM within the emotions themselves which was a TOTAL GAMECHANGER. It's changed my relationship with myself- I can support myself SO much better now which means I can support my clients better! Sarah holds such a loving, safe space. I felt I could really be vulnerable with her and I fully trusted her as my guide through this work. My a-ha moment came when I took an action from this work that literally changed the trajectory of my marriage and unblocked some energy that had been stuck for months. Because of this Experience I have a relationship with my emotions now. They are all my best friends that have messages for me. This is incredibly liberating, loving and expansive. Now I trust my body FULL STOP as my intuitive gauge. That has led to me finding certainty where I had none before - certainty that I confidently act upon. If you’re considering this Experience - DO IT! It's incredibly valuable work.”