Your next transformation starts here. Dive into powerful subconscious journey work, integrative journaling, breathwork and weekly coaching with your guide Sarah Trapkus.

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Discover the core belief that has shaped who you are + the structures that support this current identity - and way of life.

With Love + Understanding you honor and let go of this outdated core belief + way of being so that you can step into who you're meant to be free from the limitations of who you've learned to be.


Embody what the life you're here to live looks like. Become intimate with the wise energy in your body that will guide you in stepping onto the path before you.

Learn to release the past with ease and strengthen the skill of being present and in trust with who you're becoming and where you're heading. 


Take consistent aligned action as this New Version of YOU toward your next level life.

Stop taking action just for the sake of taking action and learn how to move with your Divine energy. Step into the flow available to YOU when you're listening and responding to The Universe's desire for you to have everything you want + more.

Who you see in your future isn’t who you are right now - and you’re ready to step into this version of You

You’re starting to let go of how you’ve been doing things in your life + are willing to shake things up a bit

You’ve ready to make a big change in your life and want to amplify it X10.

Your commitment to this level of transformation on a scale from 1-10 is an 11.

When you think about becoming someone who does the things you want to do in your life you primarily feel excited, alive, and full of energy

You can’t imagine being someone who is unrecognizable to yourself now

You’re attached to the roles you have in your life + wouldn’t want to disappoint anyone

You’re not ready to make a change in your life. Things are fine the way they are, thank you very much.

Your commitment to staying where you’re at on a scale from 1-10 is at least a 7

When you think about becoming someone who does the things you want to do in your life you primarily feel scared, shut down, and resistant

- Weekly 90 minute calls happen on Thursdays 5/5 - 5/26 at 10 am pst.

- Calls will be recorded and uploaded to your portal within 24 hours.

- Community Facebook group to build connections and weave powerful magic together. 

- 3 unique breathwork sessions by Sophie Brigstocke

- New theme and powerful content each week. Includes audio journeys that have been carefully created for your subconscious transformation, additional supportive meditations + daily journey prompts as well as custom breathwork audios make exclusively for this program. 

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“With Sarah's guidance, I learned that my results are not dependent on time. I'm better able to recognize what my intuition is telling me and to trust it. I’ve released self doubt, anxiety and a lot of guilt.”

- Janna Chapman | Health & Wellness Coach

“Sarah is a mover and a shaker, and she's out to save the world. She's the BEST coach. Period. Hands down. Don't wait”

- Yvette Troyna | Founder of Superpower Schoo Inc

“Working with Sarah I dropped some seriously heavy BS I’d been carrying around. It lightened me up, my life up, my business up. Do this work as soon as possible.”

- Caryn | Life Coach

Sarah Trapkus is a Life Coach and Spiritual Guide who helps coaches uplevel their life + business by showing them how to powerfully align to the energy of their desires.

Her clients experience more ease, flow and magic as they learn how to access their intuition, share their truth and step into their genius and help their own clients heal and uplevel.

Sarah’s background includes Shamanism, Somatic Therapies, Psychology and Coaching. Through her signature process of emotional healing she works with coaches at every stage of their business so they can up-level their lives and businesses through embodied energetics and emotional healing

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